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Welcome to Nurses Middle College - Capital Region!


You are here because you have completed your Application and have been informed by the enrollment team (Ms Ortiz or Ms Williams) that your child has been accepted for the 2023-24 Incoming Freshman Class.

If you have NOT received your welcome email and/or spoken with our enrollment team, please call/text 518-212-7811 to confirm your status.

What's Next?

All forms listed below are required except the "Letter of Residency" (this form is ONLY required if you are residing with someone and all the leases/bills are in their name).


Additionally, the following DOCUMENTS are required to be uploaded to the Enrollment Portal by June 1st. 

*If the Proof of Residency documents are NOT in the name of the Parent / Guardian with whom the student is living, you must provide a Letter of Residency to be completed by the person whose name appears on the provided documents. 

Notarized statement must include the following information:  Name of person or persons residing in the residence, date parent/guardian and student moved in, address of residence, relationship of person or persons in household, and how long residency is estimated to last

Using a Mobile Device?

To complete the forms on your mobile device, just scan the QR code below to access the enrollment portal. 

Need Help?

Contact the enrollment team, Ms. Ortiz or Ms. Williams by Phone or Text at 518-212-7811

Ready to Upload your Documents?

Mission & Vision

To prepare a diverse group of students to become the highly educated and professional nursing workforce of the future. Our vision is to create an innovative high school experience that is student-centric, structured to foster a supportive learning environment, and committed to developing the skills, knowledge, and passion necessary to excel in the nursing and allied health professions.

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