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Meet Our Trustees

Deborah Elliott

MS, RN, Treasurer

Ms. Elliott, MBA, BSN, RN, holds a Master of Business in Health Systems Administrator from Union Graduate College as well as being a licensed registered professional nurse in New York State. She is certified in labor relations, contract administration and collective bargaining. Ms. Elliott is currently the Executive Director at the Center for Nursing at the Foundation of New York State Nurses, Inc., as well as the Exectuive Director og Nurses House Inc. In these positions she has oversight for all organized operations including finances, human resources facilities, marketing, public relations and communications. She has also served as the Director of Nursing Education and Practice and Deputy Executive Director for the New York State Nurses Association. She has held various other nursing and administrative positions as well.

Susan Birkhead

DNS, MPH, RN, CNE, Chair

Brenda J. Robinson

DNP, MSN, FNP-s, RN, Vice Chair

Deborah Elliott

MS, RN, Treasurer

Mary Therriault

MS, RN, Secretary

Maxine M. Smalling


Mission & Vision

To prepare a diverse group of students to become the highly educated and professional nursing workforce of the future. Our vision is to create an innovative high school experience that is student-centric, structured to foster a supportive learning environment, and committed to developing the skills, knowledge, and passion necessary to excel in the nursing and allied health professions.

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