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Educating the Nurses of the Future

The past year alone demonstrated how important nurses are. True heroes on the frontline of the pandemic, to patients, families, and communities. The demand for professional nurses and healthcare providers will continue to grow and the career opportunities are limitless.

Nursing offers a meaningful professional pathway and the ability to earn a highly desirable salary immediately after college graduation. Nurses who understand their patient’s culture, community, food, customs, religious views, and speak the same language can contribute more effectively to their patients’ care.

The Nurses Middle College-Capital Region will prepare the next generation of nurses through rigorous coursework, early college classes and hands on experience. Together, we will expand the nursing pipeline and increase the diversity of nurses.

Admissions Process

The Nurses Middle College is an open enrollment public charter school that enrolls students from across the Capital Region of New York. As a public charter school, we purposefully seek to enroll a demographically diverse student body as essential to our mission of diversifying the future nursing and healthcare workforce. When Nurses Middle College receives more enrollment applications than available seats, admission is determined through a blind lottery.

Nurses Middle College Capital Region will provide a high quality, public school opportunity for students in grades 9 through 12 and prepare students for careers in the nursing and healthcare sector.

Courses Offered

The Nurses Middle College students are afforded a rigorous high school curricula, early college classes, and exposure to the nursing profession. Students entering the 9th grade are allowed to enroll as first year students after successfully completing their 8th grade year at another school.